1a: In this first clip you hear a famous quote from a dinosaur movie where someone says "they do move in herds.


1b: In the second clip you hear the same quote but what are they referencing that "moves in herds"?


This is a clip from Ted 2. When saying this parody line they are referencing marijuana. 

2: What food is used to reference the end of the world?

3: What do all 3 of these clips have in common?

4: Name the movie / series.

A Twinkie

All of the clips have at least 1 person names Charlie in them.

Star Wars. This was heard in Episode 1. 

5: Where are they taking the people who are referenced in this video?


6: Name this song that is being played in reverse.

7: Whos theme song is this when they call in to the show?

WAP by Cardi B


8: What famous last words go here?

9: Say the famous viral video quote.

10: Name the video game that this song is featured in.

That's all folks!

Leroy Jenkins!

Pokemon: This is featured on gameboy in Lavender Town