Kermit: Marc Hamel

Yoda: Marc Hamel
Nappa: Jake Goodman
Hermione: Caitlyn Burke
Vageta: Ultima 

El Nino: After Hour Comedy
Antona: After Hour Comedy

Anna: Brooklyn D'Olympio

Miku: Caitlyn Burke

Trunks: Ultima
Dracula: Land O' Dragons 


Now this is a story all about how, Kermits Life got flipped upside down. So let me take a minute, just sit right there. Let me tell you how his ship fell right from the air... Kermit is the First to go to war for his friends. Often times this leads to worse things. In Season 3 he can redeem himself as they fight the new villian named...


Yoda is one of tha galaxy's most loved and known warrior. When the KBZ Crew needs advice he is the first one they go to. Appearing in season 1, He quickly became a fan favorite. Making time for Kermit and Vageta Is one thing Master Yoda will Always Do. 


Anna appeared in Season 3 of Kermit Ball Z. She may have even saved Kermits Life. She also reavealed something To Kermit and the crew which no one was expecting! 


Dracula appeared in Season 3 of KBZ and was thought to be the main villian. However as the season roles on we see more of Middle earth and how Dracula is only trying to survive. Is he truly evil or is there more to this mysterious charecter? 

Jabba The Hut

In season 4 The KBZ Crew wonder in to a huge fort that turns out to be owned by none other than the infamous Jabba The Hut. How will he treat the crew and what will happen? What else does jabba have hidden in this massive fortress?


Nappa... What can we say... GOD DAMNIT NAPPA! As stupid as many think nappa is, He still proves to be a valuable member to the KBZ Crew. He proves his strength and potential in Season 2 when we see him go Super Saiyan for the first time! 


Antona is a little Robot Looking Creature that first appeared in Season 2 of KBZ. Antona is small but proved to be ruthless in how fast the KBZ Crew was picked off 1 by 1.  El nino was the one who actually killed Antona... If that would not have happened, who knows what Antona would still be doing...

El Niño

El Nino is The Villian of Season 1 and Returns in Season 2 to surprise the KBZ Crew. No one truley knows what he is or looks like. This photo can be found on Namek with a bounty written right above it. In season 3 El Nino shocks us even more when he...


Hatsune Miku is a character that we first were introduced to in season 3. We dont know much about her past but we do know she works for Dracula. It is unclear if she is working for him on her own will or is being forced. Miku introduced herself to Hermione in episode 1 of Season 3 and now the KBZ Crew is on their way to stop Miku and Dracula.


Hermione is a witch that first appeared in Season 1 of KBZ. She very quickly became good friends with Kermit and decided to help stop El Nino from destroying Namek. With her magic, she is very useful in tense situations... Season 3 will put her to the test though...


Vegeta, The Prince of All Saiyans joined the KBZ Crew in Season 2. After Being Defeated in Season 1 he took up work at the local Chucky Cheese. Hating his job he left and now is one of nameks greatest defenders... or is he?


We still dont know much about Trunks. He first met Kermit as he was trying to Kill Anna. Despite how they met, They decided to team up and now trunks is the newest member to the KBZ Crew! What are his true intentions though?

R2 - D2

R2-D2 is a new character to the series and all we know so far is that he is carrying a message. Will R2 end up helping or leading the crew in to a much bigger issue...


Voldemort was being held in jabba's palace and was released to kill Kermit and the gang. Although his appearence was short, He proved to be a very strong enemy. Which charecter will step up to save the day?